18 Easy Gift Ideas for Men

18 Easy Gift Ideas for Men

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Throughout the year there are various times to buy gifts for men- birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. With so many times of year to buy presents, it can at times become challenging coming up with good ideas year after year.

 If I were to reflect to when I was younger and had my first boyfriend, or was dating my now husband, I wanted to (and did) come up with really thoughtful, unique,  and clever gift ideas. 

Yet, overtime I came to realize that men are not women…lol shocker right?! They don’t need super creative and unique ideas like many women (or me) would expect and love.

The best gifts for men should be sensible, practical, and are actually easy and obvious.

I have come up with a list of 18 great gift ideas that are easy and thoughtful, plus save you hours of time!

1. Fit Bit or Apple Watch

Whether the man in your life jogs, goes to the gym, or takes a leisurely stroll after a busy day, a Fit Bit or Apple watch is a great gift that tracks health stats even when one is sleeping!!!

2. Just for Him Stainless  Nail Kit Manicures and pedicures are not usually a “go to” when thinking of gifts to buy a man. 

Yet, proper maintenance and basic hygiene of nails is necessary. 

So, why not get an easy and organized nail kit that helps keep your guy  keep his nails in check?


magazine, colors, media-806073.jpg

3. Magazine Subscription 

Whether the man in your life loves, hunting, automobiles, news & entertainment, or sports- a magazine subscription is an enjoyable gift that lasts the whole year.


4. Facial & Hand Lotion

 Hydrating skin(hands, face) is essential to help sustain youthful and wrinkle free appearances.

In my opinion, men don’t typically think about this as they age.

 Buying a good quality lotion that also smells good (to you) is a no brainer when it comes to gift giving.


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5. Framed Picture 

Whether it is a picture of you and your boyfriend, your wedding, a family picture, or of your kids- a picture and frame are something that can be enjoyed for countless years displayed at home or the office.

6. Boxer Shorts

As women, we think of underwear and maybe certain times we wear certain types of underwear…lol.

 Not guys! They wear what they have and what is clean! 

That’s why a gift of underwear/boxer shorts is a good gift idea – to make sure they aren’t wearing the same pairs from 5yrs ago.


7. Grill/Cooking Accessories 

Often times there are men that have a signature dish, drink, or could even be considered some sort of a grill master. 

Find gifts related to what you guy is good at (and interested) and build off of that for ideas.

If he likes to grill, find related accessories. If he loves making Italian food, buy him a pasta maker. I think you get the point. 🙂 


8. Shaving Accessories/ Razors

Let’s face it, men shave!

 Even if one has a beard or mustache, I’m pretty sure there is proper maintenance that is necessary.

 Quality razors are expensive. To give this as a gift is not only useful it saves the recipient some money through the year.



I’m’ a slipper person. I don’t ever walk around  barefoot or just in socks. 

So, in some ways I think everyone should have slippers, especially in the colder winter months. 

 There is nothing like putting on slippers after a long day. This is a super comfy gift that says relax!

10. Tie

Whether your fella works in an office that requires a tie or not, it is still a useful gift idea. 

There will always be life events or circumstances that will require a tie from time to time. 

Try to chose a tie that is versatile no matter the season.

11. Books

 A book is a spectacular gift idea for the reader in your life.

Just pay attention to the books he has already read.  A quick Google search can provide some popular ideas.

 After that, find a book related to his interests! 

12. Cologne 

In most cases, cologne is a sexy or intimate gift to give.

The best part of YOU giving this type of gift is you can pick the scent that you enjoy smelling too!

13. Favorite Team or College Related Gifts

Most people have a least one sports team that they are a fan of, in some cases an alma mater. 

A thoughtful gift idea is to buy clothing or gear such as a mug that “sports” the favorite team logo.

Go a step further and purchase tickets to the “favorite team” game!

14. Favorite Vice 

Maybe you man loves cigars, martinis, or even tools (tools not really the same type of vice). 

Whatever the vice maybe, find gifts in that realm. Ideas could be a portable humidor or faceted tumbler & whiskey stone set .

 This gift idea says I pay attention to some of the things that you enjoy! 

The link leads you to a faceted tumbler & whiskey stones set.

chess, chess board, chess pieces-1778589.jpg

15.Towels or Pillows

Chances are if you are married you have amazing towels & pillows. 

If not, your man may have raggedy or a hodge podge of towels and pillows.

 This is a time to buy large, soft towels or pillows. Chances are you will be using these items too!

16. Favorite Leisurely Activity

If the recipient of the gift  loves to workout – buy weights or a gym membership.

 A golfer  – golf balls or a round of golf at a more expensive golf course. 

Someone who loves fishing? A new tackle box.

Whatever it maybe find items related to the activity.

clouds, golf, golf course-1839865.jpg
fishing, fish, fisherman-4054947.jpg

17. Personalized Catchall

A catchall is a great way to say here is a special spot for all your “stuff”! 

The link I have attached even has a spot to charge a phone!


18. Tv Subscription 

Everyone has different tv services and cable packages these days. 

If your guy doesn’t have a certain sport channel, or Netflix, etc. this is a gift that can last throughout the year and one that you will most likely utilize too!


room, office, modern-2559790.jpg

As you can see these are quite obvious gift ideas.

 You don’t have to overthink anything because the answers are already before you. 

Just remember( I mean this in the nicest way)with guys sometimes the simpler the better!

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