5 Fun Valentine’s Day Books For Kids

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

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I know from years of teaching 2nd graders, that Valentine’s Day is sometimes underrated as a fun holiday to celebrate.

 I’m here to remind you that is not the case!

 The holiday is especially fun for kiddos to decorate a valentine mailbox or even create valentine cards!!!

Here are some fun books to help everyone get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. 

These suggestions can be enjoyed by toddlers, preschoolers, & younger elementary children alike. The books can help celebrate the holiday without being too mushy!

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The Biggest Valentine Ever written by Steven Kroll

The Biggest _____Ever books are always enjoyable for children that are young or even a bit older. 

Much like any of the books in this series, it conveys the message that using teamwork is never a bad idea!

Be My Valentine, Amelia Bedelia written by Herman Parish

I have recognized that children have a fondness for Amelia Bedelia books.

Younger children will love the fact that this is a “lift-flap” book.

 This is also a good book for elementary aged children that may be learning about idioms.

 When I read this out loud to 7 -8years olds, they had so much fun figuring out the real meaning of the idioms that Amelia seems to always take literally.


The Berenstain Bears Funny Valentine by Stan & Jan Berenstain

You may be under the notion that Berenstain Bears are only for younger children, but I found that 7- 8 year old children enjoyed this story as well. 

As all Berenstain Bears books,  the story pieces the text together which in the end provides a great message.

Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink written by Diane de Groat

This book has adorable animal characters through detailed & colorful pages.

The story is a reminder that we should be kind to others even when someone may hurt our feelings and it doesn’t always seem that easy.

Harvey the Heart had Too Many Farts by Jane Bexley 

 I was introduced recently to this book and it is hilarious! My 4-year-old loves this book and we laugh every time we read it.

 I don’t think I would be brave enough to read it to a class full of students however….

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    1. Sometimes I wish my kids were still little so I could buy books like these! One of our favorite activities when they were younger was reading together. Thanks for this awesome list!

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