5 Must Haves to Kickoff a Winning Tailgate Party

5 Must Haves to Kickoff a Winning Tailgate Party

When studying my undergrad at college, I absolutely loved the fall and football weather. What I really loved was tailgating season!!!! All I can say, is I’m glad that video phones and social media weren’t a “thing”.

Fast forward to my first tailgate as a graduated adult, it was a bit different. I remember thinking, “The tailgate host brought juice and muffins?! What kind of tailgate is this!?”

Fortunately(in my opinion), present day tailgating falls somewhere between the 2 different experiences – mostly the latter.

Based on my own experiences, I have assembled a list of 5 amazing must haves to score a winning tailgate party!

1. Chair - Foldable & Lightweight

 Keep in mind you will most likely hang out a tailgate party hours before heading to the actual game.  With that being said, you will want a place to sit.
Bringing a lightweight and foldable chair is the way to go. Even better is if you purchase a chair that has a connected side table.
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2. Tailgate Tent

When hosting a tailgate, a sturdy tent is a must. 

A tent will provide shade and also is a great placement for drinks and food.

tent, barbecue, camp-5625268.jpg
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3. Cooler &   

   Inflatable Serving Bar

Obviously, if you are hanging at a tailgate party, ice and cold drinks are essential. 

A cooler with wheels, side strap, or a backpack cooler help transport ice, food, and drinks to your tailgate destinations. 

Once landing at your tailgate location, you can set everything that needs to stay cold in an inflatable serving bar. Just inflate and add ice!

backpack, icon, design-1849132.jpg
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4. Table

This tailgate table is so fun and decorative! It is convenient for everyone in attendance to have a stationary location for food and refreshments.

The best part, it could also double as a beer pong table

beer pong, table, cups-4000122.jpg
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5. Grill

Cheering for your favorite team and enjoying some adult beverages  is the best part of tailgating!  

After a while, you will NEED to eat food. Hot dogs and hamburgers are pretty standard for a tailgate so a grill is necessary. A grill that is light and easy to carry is helpful.

 The good news is there are so may affordable portable grills to help enhance your tailgate experience.


grill, bbq, charcoal-309660.jpg
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Hopefully, this list helps you kickoff your tailgating experiences and score a winning time!!!

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