Fall Painted Dot Tree Craft

Fall Painted Dot Tree Craft


This is an easy Fall art project to enjoy with your little at home. With this activity, your child will learn about the changing seasons and practice basic skills. 

When working through activities and crafts use your own discretion based on the age of the child.

This project could either be used with finger paint OR tempura washable paint & qtips



  •  Finger paint or tempura paint (red, orange, green, yellow, brown)
  •  One piece of white or manilla colored construction paper
  •   Hand wipes & paper towel  
  • Qtips or a paintbrush (if you use tempura paint rather than finger paint)  
  • A few paper plates (for the paint) can be helpful      



  • Following directions
  • Learning about seasons
  • Painting dots & strokes
  • Holding a qtip  or paintbrush
  • Engagement of discussion


1. Begin by discussing/explaining the seasons.

 If you live in a warmer climate, explain how many other states experience differences in temperatures or snow in the winter

Show pictures of changes that could occur  when seasons shift from one to the next. For example, how the leaves change colors and fall off the trees.

 If working with older children, ask them what they know and can tell you about the different seasons.


2. Next, read the story, “Stories of the Seasons”  written by Igloo books. 

This can further your discussion and especially for younger ones, provide a visual understanding of the changes that could occur in outside environments when the seasons change. 

If you don’t have this story, you could either read another story related to seasons, or take a walk outside to help expand on your discussion.




When discussing with my 4 yr old, I found he was grasping the concept of seasons by correlating a specific season with holidays such as Halloween —-> Fall & Christmas —-> Winter.

Just be sure to reiterate that holidays are NOT seasons. 🙂


3. Place a white piece of construction paper in front of you & in front of your child.

Your child can either use finger paints or qtips dipped in paint for the duration of the project.


4. Remind your child the importance of listening and following directions.

Verbalize & model for your child each step going forward.


5. The next step is to dip a qtip, paintbrush, or finger in brown paint. 

     Model drawing a tree trunk and branches. 

     See images for an example

Model Directions
Encourgage Creativity (even if it looks different than your example)


6. Upon finishing the tree trunk if finger painting, wipe off hands.


If using qtips, plan on using a new qtip for each individual color used when ready to create the “leaves” (dots).


7. Now that the tree trunk and branches are finished, choose  either red, orange, green, or yellow paint.

 Once you choose the next color, have your child scatter “leaves” (dots) sporadically around the tree. 


8. Continue this pattern with the remaining 2 colors.

See images for reference

Using Qtip
Using Finger Paints


9. Lastly, ask your child what they liked best about the project?



What their favorite season is and why?


 What did they learn about the seasons?


As you can see, every tree made for this activity turned out differently than the others and IT’S WONDERFUL!!!!

 Remember that having children express individual  creativity is part of their development.

This activity helps strengthen fine motor skills, teaches about the 4 seasons, & encourages creativity!

Some other book ideas…..

Why Do Leaves Change Color? By Betsy Maestro

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves? By Lucille Colandro

Awesome Autumn By Bruce Goldstone

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