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Fall Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Fall Tissue Paper Apple Craft

This is an easy fall art project to enjoy with your little at home. When working through activities and crafts always use your own discretion based on the age of the child (what you have the child do vs. what you help with).

For example, you could precut small squares of tissue for this project or if your child is learning to use scissors, you may have him/her help with the cutting of materials.

  • Brown colored pencil/crayon
  • 1 green colored pencil/crayon
  • Any color tissue paper (red, green, yellow)
  •    Scissors                             
  • Glue stick or liquid glue glue   
  •  Paint Brush (if using liquid glue) 
  • Apple Pattern                                       apple pattern printable
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  • Following directions
  • Learning about apples
  • Use a paint brush
  • Use scissors
  • Use a glue stick


1. Begin by discussing apples (colors, seeds, where they grow, etc). 

For older children, ask them what they know and can tell you.

 2. Read the story, Apples for Everyone, written by Jill Esbaum.

This can further your discussion OR for younger ones provide a visual understanding.

If you don’t have this story, you could either read another story related to apples or just expand on your discussion -possibly use an actual apple to promote discussion.

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Click Image for Apple Book Link

3.       Place an apple pattern in front of you & an apple pattern in front of your child. 

4.       Have your child choose what color apple they would like to create (red, yellow, green). 

       The tissue paper should either be precut squares (approx. 2inches). If your child is learning how to use scissors they could help too!

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5.       There are 2 different approaches as to how you could glue the tissue to the apple pattern.

      One way is to simply use a glue stick.

      The second way is to add a few drops of water to your liquid glue and stir (in a separate dish) to dilute the glue. Dip a paintbrush in the diluted glue. This will make using a paint brush easier.


  A helpful hint is to always place glue on the apple pattern first and then place the tissue on the glue  


6.   Have your child lay the tissue squares flat, overlapping each other.

      For older children, you can take a piece of tissue and use a pencil  (flat/eraser end) to twist the tissue paper. 

       See images for reference. 



Glue the  tissue to the apple to make a more a more 3 dimensional apple. 


   7. After the apple is completely covered with tissue, your child can color a green leaf and brown stem at the top of the apple.

      This step could also be completed before gluing tissue paper.


8.       As the tissue is drying, enjoy any apple snack (apple, bread, muffin, etc.) together.

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9.       Remind your child of what a good job coloring, cutting, gluing, etc. they did with the activity.

10.       Lastly, ask your child what they learned or like best about apples.

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