5 Uplifting Ways to Praise A Child

Motherhood and having children is an enormous challenge and gift all rolled into one. I also know from experience as a former teacher, that you always want to help children feel proud and encouraged. Now as a mother, watching my own child learn and grow, it is something that I am constantly cognizant of throughout his day to day.

I have come up with a list of tried and true ways to praise and encourage your child at any age.

  1. Way to Go! You Worked Really Hard On That…No matter the age, this is an effective way to praise a child. This works if you have a preschool aged child constructing a block castle or a high schooler who wrote a research paper. It also teaches an individual they should always try their best in life.
  2. I’m Here for You When young children are learning and have uncertainty about things in the world or different environments, it does wonders for a child to feel safe and protected. Simply saying, “Don’t worry, I’m here for you”, helps build a sense of confidence and security.
  3. You Can Do It! My young son is at and age where he is learning everyday. He also has moments of frustration. I constantly remind him that if he thinks he can do it, he eventually will if he keeps trying.  I also reiterate this message by reading the story, The Little Engine that Could”.
  4. I’m So Proud of You Children want to do the right thing in life. When you praise a child for sharing a toy or a middle school aged child for including others, this phrase goes A LONG WAY!
  5. I Love You No Matter What  Everyone needs love. Children that feel loved will have a rich life because the love helps them feel confident and secure. When people feel confident and secure in life the opportunities are endless.

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