New Year’s Word is EMBRACE

New Year’s Word – Embrace

So, the big thing now is coming up with a New Year’s word. 
Rather than come up with a resolution that only last two or three weeks,  the idea is it might be a little more realistic to stick to a word.
My word this year is EMBRACE.
 I can relate this word to all aspects of life, especially motherhood.
Motherhood can be challenging, it can be fulfilling, it can be frustrating, and it can be amazing!!! 
Motherhood can be hard, exhausting, fun, and enlightening…

It can be the greatest gift of all!!!
Whatever motherhood may be, even more so with the current state of the world – I EMBRACE!


Today, rather than focus on the negative, I challenge you to think of at least 3 positive advantages or outcomes from this period of time since the start of the pandemic.


What can you EMBRACE or appreciate today?

Maybe you appreciate increased family time or are learning how to become a more attentive & patient parent. Maybe your striving to be more organized or learn a new hobby such as knitting or how to play the piano. Maybe you will finally learn how to  make sourdough bread!
EMBRACE now because we really don’t know if things will get back to “normal”. Whatever that may be……
The blogging experts say to attract readers to your blog write about how to solve a problem or think about if you are answering a question?
I may not be doing either with this short post, however I encourage you to think & EMBRACE.
If anything, reflect on the endless gifts that you DO have when others may struggling or have less.
Appreciate, help, & love more!!! 
What is your New Year’s word?
Happy New Year from Teacher Savvy Mom!!!

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