Simple Rainbow Craft for Kids

Simple Rainbow Craft for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day!!!! The time of year where leprechauns are up to shenanigans, rainbows are bringing luck, and spring is in our grasp.

I found that teaching 2nd graders, St. Patrick’s Day crafts bring such joy.

 Meanwhile, doing these crafts with a 4.5 old provides an opportunity to further teach about months & holidays.


  •  Tissue Paper (4 different colors ) 
  • Glue (liquid)
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Balls
  • Yellow Crayon
  • One Standard Pencil
  • Black Construction Paper (3 x 4 inches)
  • Rainbow Pattern(Buy on Etsy)


  • Following directions
  • Using a glue bottle
  • Using scissors
  • Promoting creativity 
  • Learning the colors/order of the rainbow     

1. Whether at home or school, I always prefer starting out art projects with a story.

For this project, one could read St. Patrick’s Day stories. 

Another option may be  more science themed stories about rainbows.

2. Choose 4 tissue paper colors and cut into approx. 1.5 – 2 inch squares.

 Make piles of (classify) colors- don’t mix together.


I typically buy a 35 piece multicolored pack of tissue paper from the Dollar Store.

3. Cut out the rainbow,  & the pot. 

Helpful hint – It is easier to color the gold coins before cutting them out.

Option 2 -Rather than use tissue paper, children could simply color the rainbow if you prefer.

4. When teaching 2nd graders, I always had them make a 3D version of the rainbow.

To make a 3D version, twist the tissue on the eraser end of a pencil. Then, add a drop of glue to easily attach to the rainbow band. 

For younger children, it maybe easier to glue smaller tissue squares flat on each band of the rainbow (don’t mix colors on an individual band).

5. Follow this process for each band of the rainbow. 

7. While the tissue is drying,  trace the “pot” pattern onto black construction paper and then cut out the pot. 

If it is easier children could simply color the pot black.

Either option works

8. Next, glue the gold to the pot.

9. Take the cotton balls and glue onto the cloud of the rainbow.

 Children can either glue the whole cotton ball or gently pull the cotton ball apart. 


9. After that, glue the pot of gold onto the clouds. 

10. If you want to hang the final project up, simply use a hole punch and add string or yarn.

This is a great project for St. Patrick’s Day but can also be a fun spring project as well.

 It definitely projects a colorful cheerfulness for warmer weather!!!

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  1. This St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft is adorable! My daughter is practicing using glue and this will be perfect for her! Thank you for sharing.

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