Sponge Paint Pumpkin Craft

Sponge Paint Pumpkin Craft

It always amazes me how much children love doing pumpkin crafts! This is a simple activity that is sure to help get your little one into the Halloween spirit.

When working through activities and crafts, use your own discretion based on the age of the child. You can always modify the directions to your liking based upon how elaborate (or not) you want to progress through the activity.


  • White construction paper
  •  Paint (orange, green, black)
  • Paper plates (can be helpful for paint palette)
  • Cotton balls (a handful per child)
  • Clothes pins (3 per child)
  • Pumpkin pattern click for pumpkin printable
halloween, pumpkins, decoration-21498.jpg


  • Following directions
  • Sponge/cotton ball painting
  • Learning about pumpkin colors 
  • Using scissors & cutting paper (depending the age of the child)   


1.       Begin by discussing/explaining ANYTHING about pumpkins.

     For older children, ask them what they know and can tell you.


2.       For the next step, you honestly could read ANY Halloween picture book related to pumpkins.



pumpkins, squash, icon-5570855.jpg

A book suggstion for younger children is, “The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, written by Steven Kroll.

Another book favorite is, “Too Many Pumpkins“, written by Linda White.



If you wanted to dive a little deeper and discuss the life cycle of a pumpkin, read the story, “Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie“, written by Jill Esbaum.

cycle, phase, change-2019530.jpg

3.       If your child is learning how to cut paper and hold scissors, have your child cut out the pumpkin pattern.

      However, it is perfectly fine if you cut out the pumpkin pattern for a younger individual.

4.        Also, I suggest using a paper plate as a palette for the different colors of paint. 

      It is much easier for children to dip painting utensils into paint that is already out of a bottle.

      Take a clothes pin and place a cotton ball inside the  “mouth” of the clothes pin.

       See picture 


An alternative to clothes pins & cotton balls would be to purchase sponge brushes (I purchased from a dollar store).

See the image for reference

5. Have your child dip the painting utensil in the orange paint and “stamp” within the pumpkin.

I say “stamp” because it should not be a up and down type of painting.

See pictures

6.       Once the orange pumpkin is painted, use a new painting utensil to paint the stem green. 

     *Allow a few minutes for the orange paint to dry.*

7. For the final step use black paint & a new painting utensil.

 Have your child create a Jack O’ Lantern face using the “stamp” method of painting.

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