The Best 10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts – no DIY

The Best 10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts - no DIY

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Being a teacher is one of the most fulfilling and important occupations. It is also one of the most overworked and underpaid jobs. 

 Anything YOU know how to do is because of the fact that at one point a teacher taught YOU. Reading this blog is because a teacher taught YOU to read!!! Okay, I digress. The point is, being acknowledged at any job is nice. 

Teaching through a pandemic, virtually, hybrid, in school with masks, – your appreciation is valued more than ever!

 Some easy, obvious and always appreciated gift ideas are a handwritten note,  a picture made by your child, and of course one can never go wrong with a gift card!

If you are still looking for some alternative ideas, I have compiled a list of 10 teacher appreciation gifts to help you say thank you to educators. 

1. Tote Bag 

Teachers can ALWAYS use a tote to carry items in and out of school.

 Include a handwritten message with some fresh flowers or a bottle of wine for the perfect thank you!

2.  Alex & Ani Bracelet 

These stackable bracelets are such a meaningful gift. The bracelets are symbolic of different moments during a person’s life. i.e. teacher, having a baby, graduation, hope etc. to name a few. 

The choices seem to be endless!


3. Pedicure/Manicure Gift Card

Standing on your feet all day can lead to tired aches and pains. What a great way to say thank you to a teacher by providing a gift of pampering!

 I suggest  buying a gift certificate/card at a nail salon near the school so “teacher” can stop on their way home.

You could even include a manicure set with the certificate.

nail polish, nails manicure, nail gel-3597832.jpg

4. Yeti or Tumbler

Working in a classroom all day does not allow much time for breaks. 

The Yeti or a tumbler is a great way for a teacher to keep their favorite beverage at  their ideal desired temperature nearly all day.

Follow the link for a gift idea for a teacher, coach, or instructor!



5. Personalized Stationary/       Notepad/Planner

 Writing checklists and notes are daily events for teachers.  

A notepad or personalized stationary is a lovely and useful gift.

Along the same lines, is a personalized planner. 

6. Badge Lanyard

Typically, educators are required to wear their identification badge while teaching in the school building. 


7. Lunch Tote

Part of being a teacher is the fact that packing a lunch is necessary.

 After a year of teaching, it is always a good idea to start the following year with a new lunch tote.

 A personalized or high quality lunch bag such as a Kate Spade tote is a wonderful and useful gift idea.


8. Mug

It may sound cliché but a good mug is a great gift to give to a teacher. 

Adding a Starbuck’s gift card or even some unique tea for the non-coffee drinker, is another way to express your gratitude.


9.  Pashmina Scarf

A pashmina wrap/scarf is such a lovely gift. 

They come in a multitude of color choices and can be used for dressy or casual attire. 


10. Comfortable Blanket

When teachers finally have time to themselves they want to RELAX!!! 

What better way to relax than with a cozy & comfortable throw blanket. 

This says to teacher, “I know & appreciate how hard you work, so kick up your feet and relax.” 


The bottom line when buying gifts for anyone, always be thoughtful otherwise the purpose of the gift loses its meaning!

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  1. If I was a teacher, I would love to have a mani-pedi gift card! SO much time on your feet! This is a great list of teacher appreciation ideas.

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