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Trunk Or Treat Tips & Ideas

Trunk or Treat Tips & Ideas

I remember hearing for the first time a few years back the term Trunk -or- Treat. 

Since then, the phenomenon has become a social event that kids and families alike look forward to each October.

I am not claiming to be an expert by any means in regards to trunk or treating. However, I worked at a school that hosted MANY trunk or treats and have attended my fair share.

 I can certainly provide you with some helpful tips & insights in regards to what Trunk or Treating entails.


What is Trunk or Treating?

Trunk or treating is an event that is often a fundraising activity for a church or school. 

Typically, you pay to reserve a parking spot and then that money goes towards the church or school  (the organization hosting the event).

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The best part  is you can open the hatch or trunk of your vehicle and decorate it anyway that you desire.

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Most often families will have a theme that goes along with their costumes as to how their vehicle is decorated.

Once the event begins, the attendees can move from car-to-car trick or treating. 

This allows  trick or treaters to enjoy each decorated spot individually! 

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Typically, there is food, dancing, and other games to help entertain everyone.

 This helps alleviate boredom and keeps everyone from running out of candy!

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What are some items I must have to attend a Trunk or Treat?

* Purchase tickets from the host location

 *Candy for the trick or treaters

*Either peanut free or non-candy  options for children who may have allergies

*Car theme decorations


*Chairs & a table


*Glow lights or battery operated lights

What are some theme ideas to decorate my vehicle?

Some theme ideas listed below contain links that will take you directly to Amazon’s site. You will find props and decorations to help get you started with the specific theme.

  • Monster (mouth)
  • 50’s Theme
  • Frozen (the movie)
  • Jurassic Park
  • Jungle 
  • Star Wars
  • Giant Spider
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Pirate


I hope you find this helpful & enjoy your Halloween trunk or treating experience!

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